Award winning Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer based in Kent, working in London, Geneva and Zurich.

Let me tell your story. Celebrate new beginnings in your life or toast a new chapter in your life. Allow others to see you.  Re-branding, changes in your life, or another way of seeing yourself.   

It’s not evident looking at the lens……. I find it very difficult myself

It’s not evident looking at the lens……. I find it very difficult myself

Today, people do not look at each other anymore.  On trains, in restaurants, on street,  but are absorbed by their phones. Currently at Photo London

I rarely forget my sitters and the unique moment we shared.  Some become my friends. Since winning the Portrait of Britain, I was nominated for the Royal Photographic Society’s Hundred Heroines campaign. I was one of the artists selected to be part of the 209Women exhibition at Parliament.   Press

Current project: “Climtate@Breakdown “ICE”  aims to be a body of work of portraits of our leading scientists focusing on Climate Change. In doing so, I hope to bring these portraits to “light” by means of photography and copy. A digital platform where these portraits can be viewed. A segway to learning and enthusing our younger scientists of today, on their academic trajectory, at entry level.

Born in South Devon, worked in Geneva for a decade, then settled in Kent over 20 years ago. Current projects include themes of community. 

Clients include, BBC, Canongate, Daily Mail, PDSA

She is an accredited member of BIPP & the Federation of European Photographers